Continuous Flow Technology

 The continuous flow technology features high mass and heat transfer efficiency, intrinsic safety, good process repeatability, little scale-up effects, and automated continuous operation. This technology allows hazardous processes to run safely and efficiently under controllable conditions and ensures safety and reduces pollution at its source. The technology is also the globally recognized green route for drug R&D and production;

 Jiuzhou Pharma is capable of efficient continuous flow process screening as well as equipment development and application. We have built a useful, flexible, scalable, modular continuous reaction platform that meets the needs of fully continuous production of various drugs through modular combinations and automated control;

 The platform supports a range of reactions, including nitration, ozonolysis, Hofmann degradation, Grignard reaction, oxidation, low-temperature reactions (−50°C), high-temperature reactions (200°C), Curtius rearrangement, catalytic hydrogenation, photochemical reactions, and reactions that involve high-energy compounds such as azides and ethyl diazoacetate;

 To date, we have developed continuous flow processes for multiple innovative API projects on the continuous flow platform, and achieved scale-up commercial production.



Continuous Flow Technical Services

  Process evaluation

  Rapid screening of process parameters

  Seamless scale-up for commercialization

  Design and application of equipment for commercialization

  Process transfer



Key Lab-Scale Equipment

Applicable reactions:



3.Grignard reaction

4.Curtius rearrangement

5.Low-temperature reactions with lithium reagents

6.Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid heterogeneous reactions .....

Applicable reactions:

1.Photo-initiated free radical reactions

2.Photochemical rearrangement

3.Photocyclization .....

Applicable reactions:

1. Reduction of nitro compounds

2.N-, O-benzyl deprotection

3.Reduction of esters


5.Reduction of nitriles

6.Reductive amination

7.Reduction of alkenes and alkynes


Applicable reactions:

1.Continuous-flow biphasic solid-liquid reactions

2.Viscous reaction systems

3.Reactions producing solids ...



Production Equipment