Jiuzhou Pharma's photocatalysis platform is dedicated to developing and expanding advanced, efficient and environmentally-friendly photochemical technologies for drug synthesis and production;

  By combining photocatalysis with continuous flow chemistry, we achieved kilogram- to 100 kg-scale production of pharmaceutical intermediates with continuous flow photocatalysis technology;

  We developed blue light and near-UV photocatalytic technologies for the synthesis of a series of bridged cyclic compounds (e.g., functionalized BCP building blocks and intermediates) and fused-cyclic and polycyclic pharmaceutical intermediates. We are also making progress in C1 chemistry to provide more and better services for drug R&D;

  Moving forward, we aim to develop methods for the synthesis of high-value building blocks and pharmaceutical intermediates through synergistic dual metal catalysis and metal-free, EDA complex-mediated photocatalysis to bridge the gap from achiral to chiral photocatalysis. By applying scientifically well-characterized photocatalysis to real-world drug synthesis, we aim to facilitate the translation of photocatalytic technologies from academia into industry.




  Agilent Gas Chromatography (GC) System and glove box

  Parallel photoreactor




  Efficient construction of bridged-cyclic, fused-cyclic, and polycyclic compounds. We particularly have extensive experience with [2+2] and [2+3] cycloaddition and difunctionalization of alkenes and alkynes, strained ring-opening addition, and intra-/inter-molecular HAT/HAA;

  Experience with photocatalyzed construction of C-X (e.g., C-N, C-P, C-O) bonds.;

  Independent design of novel photocatalysts (photosensitive metal complexes); basic research on photocatalytic organic synthesis and mechanisms.