Peptide CDMO Services

Jiuzhou Pharma provides global customers with one-stop CDMO services for peptides and drug conjugates from preclinical research to commercial production.

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The Suzhou Production Base has a GMP peptide production workshop with a production capacity of 3 kg/batch and 70–90 kg/year.

The Raybow Production Base in Zhejiang has OEB 4 and OEB 5 GMP production workshops for highly potent drug conjugates, with a production capacity of 600 g/batch and 25–30 kg/year.

Peptide Platform Equipment

Hangzhou Laboratory

Hangzhou Laboratory

•  Synthesis reactors (3–20 L)
•  Analytical High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) System (Thermo Fisher Vanquish)
•  Preparative systems (normal phase and reverse phase) (DAC 50 – DAC 200)
•  Freeze dryers (0.18–1 m2)
•  Rigid isolators for highly potent reactions
Suzhou GMP Workshop

Suzhou GMP Workshop

•  Peptide synthesizers (5–200 L)
•  Peptide cleavage system (50 L)
•  Cyclization tanks (200–1,000 L)
•  Rotary evaporator (50 L)
•  High-pressure preparative liquid chromatography system (explosion-proof DAC 300)
•  5 m² freeze dryer (capacity: 10–3,000 g/batch)
•  Annual output of peptide products: 70-90kg/year
Taizhou High Potency Manufacturing Facility

Taizhou High Potency Manufacturing Facility

•  OEB 4 and OEB 5 production lines
•  Produces high-potency compounds in clinical and commercial phases