Peptide Technology

Jiuzhou Pharma's peptide platform provides one-stop services from custom peptide development to registration/filing and GMP production of peptide drugs.

We demonstrate strong capabilities in peptide synthesis, utilizing techniques, such as solid phase, solution phase, hybrid phase, and original non-classical solid phase synthesis, particularly for medium, long, and difficult peptide sequences. By leveraging our expertise in small molecule synthesis, we can customize special starting materials and ensure punctual delivery of high-quality finished products. Our peptide technologies include backbone modification (some or all special amino acids), cyclization (disulfide bonds, multiple disulfide bonds, amide bonds), amidation, side chain modification (fatty acids, PEG, etc.), methylation, and fluorescent labeling. We are also capable of R&D and GMP production of high-potency products.




  Synthesis of protein fragments up to 78 amino acids using a hybrid phase approach

  Directed cyclization of a 40-amino acid peptide that contains three disulfide bonds through directed synthesis

  Directed modification or labeling of naked peptides through click chemistry and addition reactions for, for example, a customer's ADC and PDC drugs.

  Our proprietary, non-classical solid phase synthesis technique has addressed issues on excess resin loading and low atomic efficiency in solid-phase synthesis, and helped reduce material costs in thymopentin and eptifibatide projects.