Fluorine Chemistry

  We are dedicated to advancing fluorine chemistry, and developing efficient, eco-friendly fluorinating reagents and synthesized diversified fluorinated building blocks for commercial production in collaboration with prestigious research institutions worldwide;

  We have achieved the production of a series of trifluoromethyl, difluoromethyl, and fluoromethyl reagents, including Umemoto's Reagent II, Hu Reagent, SulfoxFluor, TMSCF2Br, HCF2SO2Na, H2CFSO2Na, and other important fluorinating reagents, at commercial scales from 1 to 100 kg. These reagents are stable, inexpensive, efficient, and easy to use, and suitable for various fluorination reactions;

  Our fluorine chemistry platform serves customers around the world as we develop synthetic processes for important fluorinated intermediates on demand. We have completed dozens of commercial orders and published multiple research papers and technology patents.




  In-house design and synthesis of novel fluorinating reagents and fluorinated building blocks.

  Parallel experiments to screen for fluorinating reagent activity; delivery of kilogram-scale fluorinating reagents and fluorinated building blocks, as well as services that range from fluorinating reagent design to reactivity optimization.



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