Enzyme Catalysis


Jiuzhou Pharma leverages the enzyme catalysis platform for the synthesis of drugs and intermediates that is catalyzed by biocatalysts (enzymes or organisms containing enzymes).

Since 2010, we have been developing our biocatalysis capabilities, including custom enzyme development and molecular engineering, enzyme library screening, enzyme preparation, and enzymatic process development and applications. We have the facilities and technologies necessary to provide customers with products and services for the enzymatic synthesis of drugs and intermediates.




  Development of enzymes tailored for catalytic reactions in given synthetic routes;

  Proprietary enzyme library and enzyme screening. Our ever-expanding enzyme library is comprised of over 400 enzymes for diverse project requirements, including ketoreductases, transaminases, hydrolases, 'ene'-reductases (EREDs), imine reductases (IREDs), and monoamine oxidases (MAOs);

  Molecular engineering and directed evolution of enzymes through random (e.g., error-prone PCR) or site-directed mutagenesis to improve catalytic performance (selectivity and activity). We have achieved notable progress for ketoreductase and ENED;

  Development and optimization of production processes for on-demand manufacturing of various enzymes, including enzyme solutions, enzyme powder, and immobilized enzymes (lab: kilogram-scale solutions and 100 g-scale powder; enzyme preparation plant: tonne-scale solutions and 100 kg-scale powder);

  35+ projects involving the development of enzymatic processes, with process optimization and scale-up.




Key lab equipment: PCR thermal cycler, electrophoresis system, biological microscope, clean bench, microvolume spectrophotometer, full-spectrum microplate spectrophotometer, large-capacity constant-temperature shaker, BOD incubator, gel imaging system, UV-visible spectrophotometer, autoclave, ultrasonic disruptor, ultra-low temperature freezer, moisture analyzer, automatic polarimeter, high-pressure homogenizer, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, freeze dryer, ceramic membrane filtration system, constant-temperature microplate shaker, 10–50 L twin fermenter, 5–10 L twin glass enzymatic reactor.

Key production equipment: 5-tonne fermenter, centrifuge, homogenizer, ceramic membrane, freeze dryer, etc.