Talent Development

Talent development

Jiuzhou Pharma is committed to creating a comprehensive and multi-dimensional talent development system to promote "cultural inheritance, leadership development, change acceleration, and knowledge accumulation." We provide position-specific training and support to our employees in line with our leadership and specialist promotion channels. We devote resources and funding to empower our employees and enhance their professional skills. These efforts allow us to build an elite talent pool to support the sustainable development of our company.

Talent Philosophy

Talents are crucial to our long-term success and empower our development as an organization.

We seek individuals who share our values of "Unity & Progress, Strictness & Innovation, Honesty & Integrity, and Customer Obsession" and contribute to our growth, externally or internally.

talent view

We take a holistic view of our employees based on four dimensions: character, values, performance (contributions), and competence.


Integrity is fundamental


Share and live our corporate values at work

Performance (Contributions)

Responsibility- and outcome-driven


Open-minded with a broad perspective, in pursuit of excellence and mastery

Talent Development Philosophy

talent development concept

Talent Development Paths

talent development path