Drug Separation

Jiuzhou Pharma's drug separation platform significantly enhances R&D and production efficiency.

Our diverse separation and purification capabilities, including normal and reverse phase preparative HPLC, ion exchange separation, membrane filtration, and preparative supercritical fluid chromatography, eliminate the need for extensive process optimization in drug R&D and production. This greatly improves efficiency and responsiveness. Using one purification method alone often leads to low efficiency and high waste. To address this problem, we developed purification techniques that integrate two or more approaches (e.g., membrane filtration, ion exchange, supercritical extraction). Our innovative proprietary technologies are suitable for the separation of gel-forming, poorly soluble, high-polar, low-polar, and non-UV absorbing (CAD) compounds. The platform produces a batch size at milligram to kilogram scale.




  Small molecule drugs: Separation and production of dozens of small molecule drugs (molecular weight below 1,000); over 10 kg preparation and separation.

  Large molecule drugs: Separation of dozens of peptide compounds (molecular weight 1,000–15,000).

  Separation of 10+ compounds with molecular weights over 140,000 (purity > 98.5%).

  Delivery of multiple non-UV absorbing compounds (100 g scale).

  Separation of six chiral compounds (mean ee > 99.5) with punctual, high-quality delivery.