Drug Conjugates

Jiuzhou Pharma's drug conjugate platform is capable of R&D and production of various drug conjugates, including partial synthesis of ADCs and RDCs; and full synthesis of ADCs, BRCs, PDCs, SMDCs, and FDCs. The platform has core competencies in linkers, payloads, chelators, linker-payloads, and linker-chelators. Leveraging our strengths in small molecule synthesis, we have achieved in-house supply of all types of starting materials that are hard to procure.

We utilize various synthetic approaches for drug conjugates, including solid phase, solution phase, and hybrid phase methods. Our high-potency laboratories (OEB 4–OEB 5) and GMP high-potency manufacturing facilities (OEB 4–OEB 5) can produce a batch size at scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of grams. We provide one-stop services from customized product development to registration/filing and GMP commercial production.




  XDC filing or delivery for customers (including linker-payloads, linker-chelators, and full ADCs or PDCs);

  Application of the drug conjugate technology to building specialty compound libraries of linkers, payloads, chelators, linker-payloads, and linker-chelators, providing customers with more options。