Project administrator

Minimum Education:

No limit

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Salary range:


Job Description

1, to solve various problems in the project process, to ensure the smooth acceptance of the project;.

2、Participate in the department to implement the standardized process development, and in accordance with the standardized process developed by the company for the implementation of the project;

3、Responsible for the preparation and implementation of project plans, project budgets, and project risk control;

4、Responsible for the project according to the planned nodes when tracking, and monitoring the progress of the relevant parties;

5, and the technical program to improve the recommendations and ideas to reduce the cost of the project program;

6, organize the project development process documentation, summarize the project experience;


Tenure requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above;

2, more than three years of new drug development, registration, analysis or production work experience, project management is preferred;

3, clear logical thinking, strong language expression, coordination skills and teamwork ability;

4、Strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, with a big-picture concept and a positive work attitude;

5, skilled use of office software, project and other project management software;


Negotiable salary