Project Engineer

Minimum Education:

No limit

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Salary range:


Job responsibilities:

1.Pre-project design communication, construction drawing review, budgeting review, bidding and preparation work before the start of construction.

2.Construction process management: quality, safety, schedule, funds, changes, visas, dealing with problems in the construction process, good construction log.

3. Assist in equipment and material selection, requisition, tracking and acceptance.

4. Assist in the verification of documents related to work.

5.Coordinate the relationship between construction unit, supervision unit and other units.

6. Supervise the work of supervision, review the completeness and validity of the relevant construction data records.

7.Responsible for the organization of sub-division, intermediate acceptance and completion of acceptance, progress payments and final account of the amount of audit.



1, college degree or above, graduated from chemical industry and over control and other majors;

2, experience in chemical industry, experience in fine chemical projects;

3, engaged in pharmaceutical engineering project management more than 2 years of experience is preferred.

Work place: Taizhou

Salary: Negotiable